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Offshore Delivery Centre

Our Delivery Centre allows customers to build resources and teams offshore in a nearshore location (Manila). In doing so, customers are given access to skilled and capable pools of talent in a extremely commercial framework.

We supply resources that support and complement onshore teams. By offshoring administrative and repetitive tasks found within projects andd processes we can enhance productivity in the teams we partner with.

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What Is Offshoring / Nearshoring?

The practice of basing resources or teams in a different country. Nearshoring is basing your offshore resources within your time zone. 

What Are The Key Benefits Offshoring? 

  • When used correctly, there are extremely attractive financial benefits around cost reduction

  • You have access to pools of skilled resources at a scale significantly larger then in Hong Kong

  • Ability to scale resources up and down

  • Short turn around times on resource implementation

What Areas Of The Market Do We Cover?

Our Delivery Centre started out as an extension of our Hong Kong services focusing on Technology and Project Management resources. Services have expanded into Business Process Outsourcing within Finance and Administration to meet client need.

  • Software Engineering

  • Platform & Cloud

  • Data

  • Digital

  • Project Management & Administration

  • Finance

  • Corporate Administration

What Does Our Corporate Administration Function Cover?

Initially, we provided PMO administration to support onshore Project Managers. It has evolved to wider administrative support, where we supply resources that manage and execute operational and administrative processes across SME’s and larger enterprises.

How Are The Offshore Resources Managed?

We tailor the solution around our client's needs and capability to manage the offshore resources. We will administer a comprehensive HR framework to comply to local employment governance. How involved we become in the resources day to day management can be decided by the customer. We can be highly involved throughout the assigment lifecycle, or we can work in a more passive capacity supporting the customer to completely integrate recources into teams. We can also provide customer specific ecosystems to house teams.

What Is A Customer-Specific Ecosystem?

Build your own overseas office on our platform. We can build teams in an office/environment that matches what you have in Hong Kong, replicating your systems, processes, and branding.

What Does Our Account Management Team Do?

We strive to make our customers more successful through Recruitment & Advisory. Our HK Account Management team is tasked to make sure this happens by ensuring the solutions success. Our advisory and support skills are what set us apart

How Much Do Our Services Cost?

Costs are tailored to Client needs but typically we can save +50% on the equivalent Hong Kong based hires (inclusive of Salary, Bonus, MPF and other benefits). We deliver this without compromising on quality and ensuring the required consulting and support is provided to the customer.