Managed Services via Mainstay Asia

Our staff have decades of Asian experience in recruiting talented individuals and teams to work in client projects and operations. Through Consulting Services, clients select and manage Consultants employed by Mainstay Asia.

This solution is preferable to using a Big4 Consultancy, Vendor or Systems Integrator when:

  • A project is of limited duration

  • The operational need is of fixed duration, e.g. maternity cover

  • Large-Scale deployment of resources requires external support/outsourcing

  • There are headcount or CAPEX/OPEX constraints

  • The client wants to maintain control over the resources, cost, risk or project delivery/outcome

Contract Recruitment
Interim Recruitment

Leveraging Asian networks established for decades, we have deep market knowledge and ‘trusted partner’ status with industry professionals in IT & Digital, Risk Governance & Assurance and Business Transformation. These cover sectors as diverse as Banking, Finance, Insurance, Telecoms, Entertainment and Logistics. Clients are both Enterprise and SMEs.

​Typically, Mainstay Asia are helping clients access talented individuals and teams in areas where traditional recruitment approaches have been unsuccessful and specialist assistance is required.