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Business Transformation

Business Transformation Capability

Mainstay Asia maintains deep Business Transformation knowledge and extensive networks of talented individuals. The professionals accessed through Mainstay Asia can beRecruitedby clients directly, or through Mainstay Asia, who will then assign them to client projects as aManaged Services Solution.


With over 30 years of experience working within Asia, the Mainstay Asia team will source the individuals with the right skills and knowledge to deliver on client objectives and candidate aspirations. 

We approach client requirements differently to recruiters and in-house recruitment teams, so that we don’t duplicate effort and can access ‘hidden’ talent.

Because many of our positions are unadvertised, Business Transformation professionals trust us to approach them with exciting opportunities closely aligned to their capabilities and interests.

Market Coverage

Industries serviced include entertainment, banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Telecoms and Retail.

As Business Transformation can range from enterprise-wide initiatives, to multi/single function scope client requirements have ranged from broad to specialised. Clients have been driven by M&A, changes to the Target Operating Model, reducing cost, increasing efficiency/customer engagement or gaining market share/increasing revenue. Functionally, this has required us to identify individuals or teams from a variety of disciplines, including:

  • Leadership: CXO, Director

  • M&A, Business Integration

  • Operations

  • IT & Digital

  • Finance

  • Governance (Risk, Controls, Compliance, Audit, Project/Program Management)

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